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100 People Try Durian, The Smelliest Fruit In The World

In this video, the subjects are offered a little taste of durian. Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, durian is a divisive figure in the world of food. Banned on Singapore subways for its smell, it’s surely a special fruit: you…

Tráng miệng

Chè bưởi

Mấy trăm năm trước, người Việt khẩn hoang ở dải đất dọc theo sông Cửu Long đã tạo nên những món ăn đặc biệt nhờ sự tảo tần vén khéo của những người phụ nữ. Chè bưởi là một…

vietnamese food festival
Vietnamese Cuisine


Markets and Saigon are two words that are bound to go together (this probably applies to the rest of Vietnam as well). Although traditional Vietnamese wet markets are being replaced by high-end shopping malls or massive supermarkets, they are…

bahn mi versus fast food
Health Facts


When American fast food giants Burger King first arrived in Vietnam in 2012, they set aside an ambitious US$40 million investment plan to open 60 restaurants nationwide, as consumers “were excited to try the famous hamburger from the west.”…


Presentation of Vietnamese Food Lovers

Patrick Gaveau, director of Vietnamese Food Lovers, talks about the organisation’s mission and vision. Join the movement and help us put Vietnamese cuisine on the world map.…

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Catfish with Curry Sauce

Legend has it that catfish is the largest freshwater species of the fish family. There was a time when people caught a catfish weighing up to one hundred kilos. It is this fish living in the streams and rivers…