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Desserts Recipes

Pomelo Che

Hundreds of years ago, the Vietnamese, who reclaimed land along the Cuu Long River, created outstanding dishes thanks to the wonderful cooking skills of the Vietnamese women. Pomelo Che is one of those miraculous dishes because the pomelo pith,…

Desserts Recipes

Pumpkin & Red Dates Che

Coming into existence on Earth at least as far back as the year 7,000 BC, according to an archaeological site in Mexico, the pumpkin has moved through various places in the world with different cultures, myths and tales. Despite…

Desserts Recipes

Palmyra Che

The inhabitants in the region (of An Giang Province) recount that in order to yield fruit and juice, it takes 40 years for the palmyra tree to grow; still the figure comes up to 100 years if we want…

Desserts Recipes

Taro Cake with Honey & Green Tea Sauce

Since the very old days, our ancestors have given us some cooking advice: never process snake meat on a tamarind cutting board because this may create poison. Nowadays, there are long lists of the ingredients that should not be…

Desserts Recipes

Red Bean-Green Tea Dumpling Che

Golden syrup dumplings (Chè trôi nước) or floating dumplings (bánh trôi)/ veggie dumpling (bánh chay) in Ho Xuan Huong’s poem are two dishes with close similarity in the processing methods and names, yet each bears a different meaning. If…

Desserts Recipes

Kaya Che

Head Chef Nguyen Van Bong (Kaya Restaurant, Phu Yen Province) said, “After more than ten years cooking for many restaurants in many regions, what I love most is the diversity and deliciousness of fruits. I want to create a…

Desserts Recipes

Mango Che

To the Southerners, Hoa Loc mangoes are considered the best. The mango in the Tien River Region is medium with an elongated oval shape; when ripe, it is fragrant and intensely sweet with a bright yellow skin, and smooth,…

Desserts Recipes

Che: Longan Stuffed with Flat Green-Rice Flakes

Hanoi in autumn is the most beautiful in the whole year. It is also the time when the glutinous rice fields start turning buds to paddy. Young rice still excreting milk while being nail-pressed, under mothers’ and sisters’ hands,…