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Recipes Seafood

Prawns Steamed with Tea Leaves

In Dong Nai Province there are lots of quarries which are thousands of years old. Vinh Cuu District, an area of this province, is famous for stone carving. A young chef has brought those thousands-of-years-old stones of this region…

Recipes Seafood

Sturgeon with Green Peppercorn Sauce

Liberia is a country in West Africa, whose name means “Land of the Free” in Latin. Its national flower is the pepper flower. The president of this country, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, has praised the beauty of…

Recipes Seafood

Crispy Breaded Snails with Culantro Sauce

It is when the first thunderstorms and drops of rain of the fifth lunar month come that the snails in the rice fields end their days of burrowing deep below the surface of the mud to avoid sunshine to…

Poultry Recipes

Stuffed Chicken with Five-Color Sticky Rice

One of the most typical symbols of Vietnamese culinary culture is a tray of traditional foods during Tet festival, first, to memorize our ancestors, and second, to attend the family reunion, enhance the family’s spirit specifically. And on that…

Poultry Recipes

The “Wealthy” Chicken

The Book of 100 Verses for Dishes, written by the lady-in-waiting Dang Thi Bich (maiden name Truong), one of the gentlewomen in the imperial palace of the old days, has been continuously handed down from generation to generation to…

Poultry Recipes

Pigeon Served with Scorched Glutinous Rice

In the Oriental perspective, the ambience of the kitchen represents the prosperity of a house, not just a place for cooking. Since time immemorial, the kitchen is a fireplace of the whole family despite its small size. It is…