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Recipes Salad

Leaf Salad

There are three styles of consuming forest leaf vegetables in our country: wraps of leaves with coarse salt, tiny chili pepper, and some sauce of the people in the Highlands; wraps of dew-wetted rice paper and boiled pork from…

Recipes Salad

Crispy Fried Water Spinach Salad with Shrimp

The research fellows on world cuisine have provided the following analysis: a good cook is only called a cook, but to become a chef one needs to know how to run the whole kitchen of a restaurant. The level…

Recipes Salad

Plum Salad with Dried Snakehead Fish

The term “man” (plum) here should be explained right away: it is the Southern plum which is the “roi” fruit as called by Northerners. Plum belongs to the Prunus genus of plant. Its flowers bloom in bunches, spreading fragrance.…

Recipes Salad

Fish Skin Salad

In the memories of Phu Yen’s old men, there was always soapfish in the last season of the year. It is a type of shark which has the-one-and-only delicious skin. In the old days, whenever a soapfish was caught,…

Recipes Salad

Salad with Scallops & Salted Duck Eggs

The inventive achievement of Executive Chef Duong Duc Huan—the champion of the Southern regional semifinal round in the Golden Spoon Awards 2013— was a plate consisting of colorful vegetables: the green color of vegetables, the yellow and red colors…