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Markets and Saigon are two words that are bound to go together (this probably applies to the rest of Vietnam as well). Although traditional Vietnamese wet markets are being replaced by high-end shopping malls or massive supermarkets, they are still alive and kicking. For foreigners, visiting these lively places always turns out to be an experience that blows people’s mind and gets their senses back.

For those who may not know, a wet market is a traditional open air food market and it receives this name because the floors are normally washed with water. Live animals, fresh produce and anything that you can imagine are all sold at these joints, where many Vietnamese do their daily shopping.

What’s the best time to go to the Wet Market?

If life in Vietnam is vibrant, bustling and captivating, wet markets reflect just that. Visit them in the early morning (6AM-9AM) where all the products will be freshest and the enchanting atmosphere (sights, aromas and people all blended in) is at its peak. Glance through the following snapshots that try to capture all the energy and life contained at these entertaining markets. If you visit them, enjoy the ride and let the scenes woe you.


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