Vietnamese Food Lovers Carnival

First of Its Kind

Vietnamese Food Festival

Currently, there isn’t a food festival celebrated in Vietnam that showcases the best of its cuisine to the world.

The major event that we are preparing will cater the best of Vietnamese food to both locals and travellers, turning thousands of visitors into an active part of this culinary and entertainment happening.

Vietnam’s best, all on one plate

In the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, we’re preparing a true feast of the senses. For ten days, the Vietnamese Food Lovers Carnival will be the quintessential culinary and cultural event of the year.

By celebrating the food of Vietnam, we’ll be celebrating the best this country has to offer. And by pairing delicious food with world-class entertainment and groundbreaking informational seminars, the stage is being set for a one-of-a-kind festival of feasts.

To understand Vietnam, first you must understand its food. To know its food is to love it, and we’ll be playing matchmaker to thousands of diners at this carnival.


A journey through culinary Vietnam

For ten days, the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of vibrant Vietnam will be captured all at once, all in the heart of Saigon. Taking the form of a colourful, traditional Vietnamese village, the Vietnamese Food Lovers Carnival will transport guests across this multicultural land, from the spare, sour-loving north to the spice-filled central region and sweet-toothed south.

You’ll find yourself in a tapestried market offering the best dishes and wares the country has to offer. Vendors in non la and traditional garb file past, bamboo sticks propped on their shoulders with steaming xoi hanging from either end. Street carts and vendors on bicycles clad in colourful ao dai will shout their dishes to passerbys, stopping to fry up some of the most decadent and filling street food dishes found in the country. Green spaces and pre-arranged seating abound, so every visitor can enjoy their feast in outdoor comfort.

These meals, and the activities that accompany them, will not soon be forgotten.

From the rustic to the high-end and ultra-modern, all tastes will be represented and celebrated. An outdoor village market on one end, while the opposite end will house an enclosed stage space, where the best culinary talents of the country will battle head-to-head in the 5th-annual Golden Spoon Awards 2018. Apart from the meals, diners will be able to enjoy international-level musical events, interactive contests and informative talks and seminars.


A festival of sights, sounds and tastes

Here you’ll find a feast, but not just of food. A carnival would be nothing without lively events to fill up the day, and here visitors will find many. Over ten action-packed days guests will be invited to learn, experience and compete, with events catering to multiple demographics, from families to travellers to foodies.

During the day, kid-friendly contests will bring levity to one and all. Potential showstoppers include an attempt to roll the world’s longest spring roll; a blind tea tasting test; and a competition to see who can successfully name all of Vietnam’s myriad tropical fruits.

The sights, sounds and tastes won’t be limited to Vietnam’s delicacies – international cuisine will also be highlighted, delicious dishes to make taste buds pop and palates cry out for more. For guests who can’t possibly eat another banh mi, tables devoted to both Asian and Western culinary favourites will be on offer, along with eight beverage booths for with everything from beer to tea to smoothies.