Golden Spoon Awards

Founded in 2013, the Golden Spoon Awards ( has paved the way for fine-dining culinary ambitions in Vietnam. To date, the Golden Spoon Awards is Vietnam’s largest national cooking competition.

Over the course of four years:

  • 2,500 recipes have been completed and shared;
  • 981 chefs have competed in 327 teams;
  • 50 provinces and cities have been highlighted;
  • Over 100 spices and herbs have been discovered;
  • Over 60 media outlets have promoted the event.


golden spoon awards

One of the winners from past year’s competition

The Golden Spoon Awards 2018 will be a new, revolutionary fine-dining food festival organised in Vietnam’s largest travel destinations. This event will celebrate the best of Vietnamese cuisine within the country while promoting its freshness and beauty to the rest of the world. On a fundamental level, this six-month long nation-wide competition will be a unique and ideal stage to market individual chefs, companies and brands on an international level.


The Golden Spoon Awards 2018 will not just be a competition; it will be a food festival and cultural event in its own right. The competition will take place in a series of city centers and will be celebrated as a public festival for food lovers. Locals, tourists and expats alike will be targeted to attend, and together they will support the cooking teams, eat the food each team produces and enjoy the live entertainment and shopping activities. Tens of thousands of spectators are expected to take part in each of the 10 locations.

golden spoon awards

One the contestants cooking during the competition

Each day, the cooking competition will be held in a large, sheltered structure. Inside, the teams will work to produce their fine-dining dishes in the open for full view to the audience. Each working station will line the walls of the tent, allowing the general public to eat at tables arranged in the middle. One end of the tent will be a stage, which will be used for the awards ceremony, presentations and live musical performances.

Outside the tent, local vendors will be encouraged to sell food, unique Vietnamese products, souvenirs and Golden Spoon merchandise to the public. Large LCD screens will showcase the competitions, trainings and presentations to a live audience. In short, the Golden Spoon Awards 2018 will highlight outstanding regional cuisine and Vietnamese talent in all forms.

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