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Salmon Spring Rolls

Spring rolls (or Nem, or Cha Ram) is a popular dish and has undergone a lot of modification. But whatever modification, its indispensable ingredient is black fungus or tree ear fungus. Because of its shape like an “ear of…

Appetisers Recipes

Spring Rolls with Lotus Seeds

There’s nowhere else like Dong Thap where there are vast lotus flower fields. There are many species of lotus as well as legends for which people have a passion. People make full use of all parts of flower to…

Appetisers Recipes

Black Tiger Prawns Wrapped in Pork Belly

About the land reclamation process of the Southern Region, writer Son Nam wrote, “Our country’s land reclamation process by inelegant farmers is very special: slow and gentle.” Therefore, their way of living is also tolerant like the immense rivers…

Appetisers Recipes

Pomelo Spring Rolls

The spring roll is considered the most common dish on banquet tables from the North to the South of Vietnam. Spring rolls are called “cha gio” in the South, “nem ran” in the North, and “cha ram” in Central…

Appetisers Recipes

Anguillidae Fish Rolled in Piper Lolot

A French culinary magazine has analyzed the key difference between Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines in that Vietnamese dishes often combine “salty-sweet”, whereas Chinese dishes favor the match of “sour-sweet”. Hence, the greater gap is recognized, as we learn that…

Appetisers Recipes

Spring Rolls with Fruits & Matcha

The spring rolls with fruit and matcha is humorously called “abroad spring rolls” by the members of the Golden Spoon Awards. In fact, when they are embarrassed because they cannot find rice paper or Pia cake skin layers to…

Appetisers Recipes

Crab Bologna with Five-Color Sticky Rice

Nowadays, the crab bologna has become a very familiar dish to foreign diners who love Vietnamese cuisine. A variety of names of crab paste, such as Sa Dec crab bologna, paddy crab bologna, sea crab bologna, and Hue crab…