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Meat Recipes

Straw-Banked Beef with Purple Yam

In Vietnamese culture, the family meal is always something holy. It is not only a place for reunion, but also a moment for connection, sharing, warmth that everyone saves for each other. Whoever travels away from home will miss…

Meat Recipes

Chargrilled Pork Skewers

“Skewer grill” is one of the most easily-processed dishes. But the simpler the dish is, the more difficult it is to create. Chef Nguyen Van Bong, who began as a cook at fifteen years old, confidently entered the Golden…

Meat Recipes

Pork Shank Stew with Artichoke Flower

There are three interesting facts about artichokes, a perennial plant that can be used from the root to the top as food and medicine. The first one is its legendary origin: it originated in the Mediterranean and the ancient…

Meat Recipes

Beef Stew with Kopyor Coconut

Among the gifts of nature to Tra Vinh Province, Kopyor coconut is the most special one. Kopyor coconut or macapuno coconut has a thick, soft, flesh, and it is greasier than the regular one with a thick and jelly-like…

Meat Recipes

Roasted Sautéed Lamb Loins

In the old days, in Vietnam, tropical sheep were found only in the hills in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan, two provinces that are dry all the year round. Nowadays, in the hills in Ninh Binh, Son La, or…

Meat Recipes

Pork Shank Slow-Cooked with Hairy Gourd

  Mr. Duong Duc Huan, Executive Chef of Hotel Majestic, is often called an artist not only because he draws very beautifully on plates with colorful sauces from vegetables, but also because he can combine different cooking techniques to…